Thursday, 25 June 2015


There are little things
that sometimes surprise you as if they were oh so big.
Because they're tiny, delicate, and yet so powerful and unexpected.
Such as picking the ingredients for your next recipe at the park.

Now, imagine the usual routine that comes before your fragrant cake or crunchy salad. Unless you're lucky enough to have a grandma that will give the above-mentioned cake ready to eat (best case scenario even just taken out of the oven), or the above-mentioned salad just to be washed, you're likely to be one of the hundreds that goes to a huge supermarket. You'll have to overcome the first light and thermic shock due to neon lights and air conditioning and, once you're sure you can make it, you'll have to sail your way dribbling busy people talking at two phones and crazy kids that were recklessly entrusted with a cart. You'll get your ingredients with packages much bigger than their products, and you'll head to the cash desk, praying that no one of the people in front of you will have to empty their overflowing carts for the self-scan check.
You're lucky, only three out of four.
You included, of course.

And then, imagine yourself in a big park, blooming, perfumed trees all around, stopping every two steps to close your eyes and face the sun, soaking in all that warm, gorgeous sunshine. Imagine yourself looking at people lazily sunbathing on the grass, others playing frisbee, some friends looking at them while sipping a beer. There are dogs running happily, and cats suspiciously looking at them from up a rock. There's the pond full of mama-ducks and their newborn baby-ducks. And everything around is colour. For the few steps during which your eyes are actually open, you look around for your ingredient until, all of a sudden, there it is, your flower.
Bunches of teeny tiny white flowers, on a huge, dark green bush. So you start picking them, bunch by bunch, almost dizzy with their sweet yet pungent perfume.
And when your little bag is plump with them, you walk back home, 'cause those little flowers, a lemon and two spoons of honey are everything you need to make your most delicious summer lemonade.

Now, all you have to do is to put the flowers -stems removed- and the lemon -thinly sliced- in a pot. Bring a liter of water to a boil, melt two spoons of honey in it, and pour it over your flowers.
Let it rest for 2-3 days, stirring once a day, then filter and drink!
For the first batch you'll really have to trust your feelings, as there are no real measures, but only your taste.
I can tell you that to me the magic combination is 1 full bag of flowers (one of those plastic bags you would use to freeze things, smallest size), 1 and a half lemon, 2 spoons of honey, 1 liter and a half water.
Then we drink it as 2/3 lemonade and 1/3 sparkling water.
And it's summer.

You can find the original recipe on "The Green Kitchen", the awesome cookbook from Green Kitchen Stories.

Oh, and the flower is elderflower.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Summer has arrived!
Here in Belgium, people are sitting on any possible surface to catch till the last second of sunshine and everybody's smiling. To you passing, to dogs passing, to planes passing, to anything really, just smiling. It must be the sun. Or drinking beers, in the sun. But hey, we've been waiting for it 345 days, so now we're gonna enjoy it!

We've had peaks of 29°(say whaaaaat?) so I give them a few days before they call it a "heat wave".
As an Italian I feel it's my duty to make fun of northern people and the whole drama of these 29° when, where I come from, you start saying "It's getting quite hot" when it goes over 38°.
On the other hand, they make fun of me and my furry ear-warmers the other above mentioned 345 days of winter, so I guess the joke is actually on me.

Anyway, the real news is we can finally eat salads!
We've been eating them all winter long, I know, but let's be honest, that was mainly out of lazyness (or desperation. See HERE for details.) And it's now, eating in the garden under the sun of 9pm (again, say whaaaaat? Only, for real this time) that we're really gonna enjoy the refreshing juicyness of fresh vegetables.

So, this evening we've had butterhead lettuce (honestly, how beautiful is it?), red paprika, cucumber, feta cheese and olive oil. Never missing: freshly ground black pepper. Extra plus point, all the vegetables had been grown in Belgium so, km0: check.

- chop
- ground
- eat

What's your salad today?

Thursday, 2 April 2015


Here we go, with the second episode of Project 365!
These are the little moments that I've captured along this second week.

The sun keeps on hiding, I keep on eating soup.

I want to believe.
Sooner or later, spring will arrive.
Meanwhile, I'm getting ready with some pastel nail polish.

Flowers after the storm.
They really, really hope as well spring will come.

First sunny day!
Although, because of the wind, the perceived temperature was of -1°C.
Keep your hopes reasonably moderate.

Travelling by train.

Our Sunday was filled with rain, wind, biking in the rain against the wind and other delights.
Tea is always the solution.

We've got sun on two Mondays out of two! (And I went picking daisies.)
Looks like this day's trying its best to be the one everyone is looking for.
Never thought I would say that but, I love Mondays.

What beautiful things have happened to you? Share your links!

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