Friday, 13 September 2013


So, job wise, I think I broke some records today.
First of all, I got two rejections in 5 hours. That might even be already enough to make it a brighter day. But, actually, no.
What makes it really  remarkable, is that I've also figured that they will never write me back from a place I proposed to volunteer for.
Well, that's definitely remarkable, allow me to brag.
So, I have a new found depression and lots of time to bask in it.
A kind of an obvious solution would have been some sweet/cakie delight.
Still, if you think about it practically, I don't know how many cupcakes you can eat in hours and hours of sadness, but I guess it's around... a lot.
Honestly, I don't have the will to bake that many cupcakes.
And there it came, my solution.
The one thing I'm gonna do for hours and just be happy.
While you sweat behind your bar, I'm gonna take a trip to Alabama. Have fun.
Honestly I don't wanna know if you've ever read "To kill a mockingbird" -that is what I'm reading now-, I'm afraid you might spoil it mentionin'your favourite line or something.
On the other hand, I would be delighted to know if you've ever read "The perks of being a wallflower".

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