Thursday, 8 November 2012


Bagels are a nice alternative to bread when you have to eat out of the house but, indeed, they’re not much of a lunch themselves. Nice thing is that they’re not really salty, and not sweet either.
Lame, you might say.
Wrong, I might answer.
This just means that you can eat them with basically anything you fancy at the moment. So, what I had with them this time was a salty, healthy, tasty –ok, now I’m gonna stop- finger food.
Aubergine lovers, this is for you.

-          Aubegines (How many? Well, it depends on how hungry you are.)
-          Fresh herb cheese
-          Herbs (I had rosmary and sage)

1-      Slice the aubergines along their lengh. The slices should be thin enough to roll them easily afterwards. Pay attention at not slicing them too thin, though: otherwise they might tear apart while spreading the cheese.
2-      Lay them down into a colander and overspread them with coarse salt. That’s a very important step  that you should never forget: this way they will drain all their bitter jiuce off, so that they can taste just like aubergine. Leave them drain for about an hour.
3-      After that, whash them to eliminate the salt in excess and dry them with a clean dish cloth.
4-      Grill them in a pan with no oil nor butter until they get golden brown and soft to a fork.
5-      Let them cool, then spred the herb cheese on.
6-      Chop your herbs and sprinkle them over the cheese layer, and roll the aubergine.
7-      Ready!

-          Melanzane (Quante? Bè, dipende da quanta fa me avete.)
-          Formaggio fresco alle erbe
-          Erbe aromatiche (Io ho usato rosmarino e salvia)
1-      Tagliate le melanzane a fette lungo la lunghezza. Ecco. Tagliate delle fette abbastanza sottili perchè si possa poi arrotolarle. Fate attenzione, però, a non farle troppo sottili perchè potrebbero lacerarsi quando andrete a spalmare il formaggio.
2-      Adagiatele in uno scolapasta e cospargete ogni strato di sale grosso. Questa è una fase importante che non dovreste mai dimenticare: il sale le drenerà di tutto il loro liquido amarognolo, di modo che sappiano solo di melanzana. Lasciatele drenare per circa un’ora.
3-      Fato ciò, lavatele per eliminare il sale in eccesso ed asciugatele con un canovaccio.
4-      Grigliatele in una padella antiaderente senza olio nè burro fino a che non saranno dorate e si potranno forare facilmente con una forchetta.
5-      Lasciatele raffreddare e spalmatele tutte con il vostro formaggio alle erbe.
6-      Sminuzzate le erbe aromatiche e cospargetevi lo strato di formaggio fresco, quindi arrotolatele.
7-      Pronte!

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