Friday, 30 November 2012


Ou la la! November is almost over.
So, since I don't want you to miss any of these yummy and supereasy recipes, I think it's time for... a monthly round-up!
Well, it might also be because the battery of my camera is dead and I can't find the recharger anymore. So I couldn't take pictures of things like a super soft Quatre-quarts cake, an amazing sole muniere with a dandelion and sweet corn salad (and fries. I know we should have not.), or some super tasty ricotta and honey muffins...
Well, as I was saying, time for a monthly round-up!

 It all started with the basics: muffins! (Yes, I think after all this time I've made up my mind: they're muffins.) These were banana and chocolate chips, a treat for a very special day (or a treat that can make any day special).
 Then we had a variation on lunch-at-work sandwiches with these sfot bagels

and the aubergine rolls I decided to have with them. Nice thing about bagels is that you can really eat them with anything: from marmalade to scrumbled eggs, from Nutella to aubergine rolls. Nice thing of these aubergine rolls, on the other hand, is that they are so good.

Oh, and also that you can eat them either warm or cold, and they're still so good.

Then There was a really happy and successful experiment with celery leaves: I stopped throwing them away and I started making awsome pesto instead.
 And then it was time for a dessert.
When you turn your heater up to pretend it's not autumn yet.
It's for those moments that this fresh dessert is really perfect. Muesli, yogurt and spiced-up pear marmalade.
Going super healthy and super easy (oh magical combination), we had this chickpeas, onion and mint salad, a chinese cabbage and olives salad and some smoked cheese  sandwiches.

Finally, it was indeed just something breakfastish missing. So, here we go with this autumnal take on oatmeal.

Did you try any of these?
If not, you should.
If yes, let me know!

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