Wednesday, 12 December 2012


 Oh yes, you saw it right.
That's oatmeal. And you know why we’re gonna try a new version of oatmeal? Because… it’s almost Friday!!! That is my slow breakfast day, hence, oatmeal day!
Yes, I know it’s actually just Wednesday, but the hope for Fridays is one of the few things that keep me alive, so, let’s try not to be to strict about it.

So, oatmeal!

This version is as easy as the other one, but this time I gave it a fresh twist with some freshly picked mint.
So, basic steps for oatmeal:
1 glass oatmeal = 2 glasses water 

This is the golden proportion. And remember that one glass of oatmeal is enough for two people. 
Well, or for a really hungry one.
This time no sugar: the reddish thing on top of the oatmeal, the one looking like marmalade, it’s actually marmalade, which is already really sweet.
So we said, for a reeeeeally creamy oatmeal pour it into the water before it’s cooking, and leave it on the fire –stirring from time to time- until it has soaked it all. Otherwise, for a medium creamy oatmeal, wait for the water to be boiling and pour the oatmeal just then.
Then it’s all about splashing it in your favourite bowl, choosing your favourite marmalade (I went for a superclassic: strawberry) and mix them together. Don’t forget to add some fresh mint for the real wake-up taste.
Quick, easy and healthy. I couldn’t love it more. 

And now, if you will excuse me, i'll go dreaming of breakfasts.

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chantilly said...

mmm, oatmeal can be really tasty! this sounds delish :)

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