Monday, 4 November 2013


We didn't settle for a Sunday afternoon; we didn't settle for a rainy day.
It had to be a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Then it came, and it was perfect.

We had pizza and a beer with it, which kind of makes it THE perfect movie night. 
Well, Sunday afternoon; rainy, Sunday afternoon.
Of course, if there's anything that might keep the competition up, that's popcorn.
And when I say popcorn, I mean home-made popcorn. Nothing compares to warm popcorn dowsed with melted butter and freshly chopped rosemary. 

- corn oil
- popcorn corn seed
          Optional (well, not really, but still): 
                                                               - butter
                                                               - rosemary; or any other herb or whatever thing you feel like adding

1- Pour some corn oil on the bottom of a big pot, just enough to cover it
2- For two people and a full pot of popcorn, I normally use half a cup of seeds. Although it has to be said that, normally, when we have popcorn we have it for dinner. Like a real, satisfying dinner. Just so you can take your measures.
3- Set the pot on a medium fire and cover it with its lid. Then... wait for the popping!!! Seriously, that's too exciting. Like fireworks. Just with less lights.
4- Well, when all the popping is over, yours popcorn are really likely to be done. Prepare to wonder and remove the lid.

5- For all the butter lovers out there, in the meanwhile you might want to melt some butter in a pan, add your chopped rosemary at last and pour it all over your popcorn. Sprinkle of salt, a good shake and you're ready to go.


Pepe Paulín said...

You've actually managed to make Popcorn fun!

Silvia said...

And this time even without the slightest sign of intoxication!
Little cooks grow.

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