Monday, 25 November 2013


Do you remember all the times you said "Oh, I could so live on pasta alone! All my life!"
You were wrong. So wrong.
And I can say it because I've tried it. And I did it for just a week. So enough.
Appearently something went wrong with my grocery shopping last week, which led to an alimentation based entirely on pasta and carrots. Taking a walk on the bright side, this has been really stimulating for our improvising skills, but there's a limit even to the joys of creativity.
That's why I've decided to write down a "weekly menu", which is actually just a collection of eight inspiring dishes, based on which I wrote down my shopping list.
Surprising to see it includes so much more than carrots.

And yes, just in case you're also in need of some inspiration, I'm so nice to share my plan with you.

Half of the recipes are coming from Love&Lemons, which is overflowing with tempting dishes.
Here is what I've chosen:

cauliflower puree with chickpeas


veggie curry with cardamom yogurt

These chickpea quenelles with yogurt sauce come from FeelCook.

While I've found this endive salad on Skinny Taste
  Finally, this cauliflower veloutée, from Giallo Zafferano.

And this, is a tiny reward for all this planning.

Apple spice cocktails. Well, now it's time for some grocery shopping, I guess.(All the recipes are redirecting to their original, inspiring blogs. There you will find these and even more beautiful pictures, all taken by the writers of these blogs.)

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