Tuesday, 17 March 2015


So, after succesfully postponing it for 7 (OMG!) years (pat pat, so smart), it has finally happened: last week I went, and I had my wisdom tooth pulled out.

Beside the tragredy of a much too late realization that a huge, beautiful tooth was no longer mine and I didn't even see it, there was also the tragedy of the eating practicality.
The doctor said I could eat after one hour, but she didn't have a huge hole in her mouth so... sorry, nothing personal, but I really couldn't trust you.

Silver lining of all this was that, while I was behaving as if I had just undergone major surgery, my girlfriend treated me exactly as such. (Yey!)
So I spent my afternoon on the sofa, getting regular refillings to my ice supply and watching movies.
If you're in pain and need something to cheer you up, here you go.

The above mentioned "eating practicality" was successfully avoided for the whole day but, the morning after, it was clear that I couldn't just avoid eating until complete healing.
So, we had to find solutions, and that worked out pretty well.

Problem number 1: COFFEE
According to my doctor, I could eat and drink, but only cold things. So here comes the solutions to morning coffee: affogato. When it's really the healthiest option for you to eat ice-cream for breakfast.

Problem number 2: ANY OTHER KIND OF FOOD
If you can blend it, you can eat it.
For a whole week my diet consisted primarily of smoothies and soups.
It's true that the weather is getting springier and springier but, at least here, in the evening it's still quite chilly, so being wrapped up in a blanket watching movies and eating soups was just so oh-so-cozy.
If now you also feel like you deserve some soup and blanky time, you can find some inspiration on my Pinterest board "Soups". 

Even though now I'm already happily munching nuts again, coziness is never too much so, if you have any recommendation for movies or soups, let me know!

Survival distraction: Big Fish.
Survival menu: affogato, banana smoothie, champignon soup.

That's really all you need. (And honestly, when you must eat ice-cream for breakfast, there's really not much else you need).

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