Sunday, 22 March 2015


I especially love Sunday mornings, maybe because here we've made it a little tradition of having a very cosy brunch every Sunday morning.
This is topped only by a SUNNY Sunday morning, when before brunch we might go and stroll around the flower market and, as soon as the weather gets warm enough, eat our brunch sitting in the sun.

You should make brunch a habit as well.

However, here the weather is not great these days, so today we might chill on the sofa with some interesting reading. Should you want to read something as well, you could take a look at these:

  • Sophie Isobel on conscious living.
  • Monica, with a recipe for olive oil croissants. I haven't tried making them yet, but her post is absolutely worth reading anyway. (ITA)
  • So good to be reminded of this.
  • Awesome restyling from Geneva.
  • Now try and say you don't identify with at least one of these.
  • A very interesting article (plus bibliography!) about "0km products", that could open a debate about a whole lot of different topics. (ITA)
  • A good kick from Melyssa.
  • A very interesting article on the damages created by intensive farming. Also very interesting to watch is the documentary "Unser täglich Brot" (Our daily bread). You can find the trailer here and the complete documentary here
 I hope you'll enjoy some of these articles, and maybe also a good book. 

Happy Sunday!

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