Thursday, 26 March 2015


Today Project 365 officially begins!
Well, it started a week ago, actually, but I had to test if I was really going to follow through.
Even though Week #1 finished on Monday and this is published just now, I think I'm gonna be great.

The idea of the project is that there is something beautiful in everyday, just sometimes we are to lazy to look for it. Some other times, and that's the case here, we are very much aware of how special a moment is but, being it physically impossible to hold on to every single memory, after a while some are just gone.
I don't want any beautiful memory to be gone so, with good grace of my P, that is majorly annoyed by picture time, I've decided to give it a try.

Well, here we are, and this was week #1:

Ozzi engaged in sleeping activity.
I couldn't resist: two seconds after shooting the pic I grabbed him to cuddle.
I ended up scratched and he nowhere to be found.

Spring decorating project.
Last week I've eventually removed our Christmas decorations.
Now I intend to fill our house with origami birds.

On Thursday I've started a new novel: "Moon Palace" by Paul Auster.
I've been wanting to read something by him since I read the back cover of "Travels in the scriptorium" (still on the list).
With "Moon palace", so far so good.

On Friday I bought this basil plant.
It was so luxuriant, with those green, thick and plump leaves that I couldn't help taking some twenty pictures.

On Saturday a dear friend of ours has come for a brunch at our place.
It's been absolutely lovely: a lazy Saturday brunch and then an exhibition about criminal anthropology and depression.

That was an epic day: I've used my sewing machine for the very first time!
I made a few experiments on a nice fabric tissue of mine.
I'll never do that again.

This picture is symbolic of Monday. It was a glorious sunny day, so we went to the kennel to walk with a doggy.
Somehow, even if it feels like it's raining since forever, the trees are blooming, and it's just so beautiful.

And this was week #1!
What about you? Have you ever tried Project365?
Would you feel like joining?

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