Tuesday, 24 March 2015


People, it's time to make a wish list for this week!
Sorry, by "Wish list" i actually don't mean cute necklaces, lacy dresses and strawberry cakes.
It was meant more like a "tide up", "pack and store winter clothes" , "laundry" kind of thing.

Still, I hope you'll get a boost of positive attitude by the fact that it's called "Wish list", and not "To do list". "Doing the laundry" sounds so much better if it's on a wish list, rather than on a to do, doesn't it? *shiny smile

Seriously, try it.

In any case, turns out that making lists really helps getting things done. That's why I'm making one every day, and that's not freaky, but simply efficient. *shiny smile

So, Melyssa of The Nectar Collective made it a community thing, so that list makers from all over can get support and encouragement from each other. And God knows how much we need it when it comes to laundry.

So, take a pen and write down a few goals for this week. We'll meet again next Monday to see how good we've been. *blink

So, here goes mine:

1- Pick one of the thousands craft projects I've pinned on this board and actually make it. Like these awesome earrings.
These are actually pinned on this board.

2- Bake savoury muffins to have for breakfast. Like these Rosemary&Goat cheese muffins, for example.

Of curse, to do that,

it would be better if the the cake and cookies we baked this Sunday were finished, cause we absolutely don't want to waiste them.

So, I think it's fair to say: goal

3- Eat up the cake and cookies we baked on Sunday.

I think that's all for me.
What are your goals?


Kat / An English Mamma said...

Melyssa's Weekly wishes are really great for getting things done, aren't they? I love your idea of calling it a "wish list" rather than a "to do" :)
Good luck with your goals this week. Those earrings look great - hope you find a project to get stuck into!

Silvia said...

Thanks a lot for the encouragement Kat!
And good luck to you too with your goals!
See you next week for the check! ;)

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