Sunday, 24 March 2013


That's really likely to be one of the laziest Sundays ever.
I've had a brief sparkle of conscious life right after some amazing news, but thank goodness it didn't last much, and then I could fall back into my Sunday numbness.

After such a long time, I'm back with a magical surpise: I'm giving you one of those surprise packages you could buy when you were a kid, a big bag you could be sure was full of treasures, but you didn't know what you were about to get.
Here you go:

Any idea of what the flashy-green dish might be? Or what's boiling in the pot?
That's my present for you. YOU will choose the next recipe. You have a week to vote, and the one with the most votes will be revealed.

You might also think today I was SO lazy I didn't even feel like choosing something.
You malicious.
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