Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Well, then don’t say you didn’t have enough time to vote.
And, if after all this waiting you thought now it was finally time to discover at least one of those four mysterious dishes,
sorry, but so much time has passed that of course I’ve got things in between.
For example, my sage is growing, I've visited London and I’ve got a satanic cat.
And after a very long time, I've heard from my friend Pepe.
Among other things, I've got to know that he has taken a small step for humanity but a huge step for himself –especially being mexican- : he decided to becom a vegetarian!
Did you notice that never a meaty recipe was published in here? (The fact that maybe 15 recipes have been published is a poor argument, I tell you).
So, please now ask me if I am a vegetarian, so that I can explain you all how to live your life better. Because I know.
I thought this might be a good start for a vegetarian love-story. Chili sin carne is a milestone of every vegetarian diet.
It is also one of the things he might regret the most - in the case chili con carne was really mexican. You never know, damn globalization.
In any case, it’s really good. Let’s pretend it’s mexican.

Measures for a lot of chili sin carne:

-         - 2 cups of lentils (let’s define “cup”: my cup is really likely to change in every recipe, most times even more than once in the same recipe. I know, this might create a bit of confusion. Anyway, when I say a cup, I mean a real cup, you ca’t go wrong from that)
-          -1 onion
-          -4/5 cloves of garlic
-          -Loooads of olive oil
-         - 1 big tin of diced –or entire- tomatoes
-          -1 small tin of sweet corn
-          -1 tea-spoon chili flakes
-          -Salt

1 – boil the lentils in well salted water (the proportion should be more or less 1:1) to which you might want to add a bay leaf (trust me, you wanna do that).
In the meanwhile, dice the onion and saute it in a lot of olive oil in the biggest pan you have. When it starts getting soft add also the garlic, cut in small pieces (I add it later cause it burns faster). Then add also some sweet corn, so that it fries as well.
2- The lentils should take from half an hour to 40 minutes to get ready. When they are, put them in the same pan together with the frying onion and garlic and corn, and leave them for some 5 minutes.
3- now add the tomato sauce and ¾ of a teaspoon of chili flakes.

Let the fire go for a while, say 10, or 15 minutes. This is not strictly necessary if you are in a hurry (in that case, though, I wouldn’t even start) but it’s strictly necessary to make it extra good. That’s the first time that those ingredients meet, you should give them some time to get to know each other.


Oh, and then, well, it's done.
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