Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Spring is finally coming!
I've just had a lovely terraske (word that deisgnates the act of having a beer in the sun), and I wanted to share that with you today.
The warmth of the sun, the freshness of the beer, the loveliness of my garden.
I only thought that, as much as I'm totally fine in having my terraske in between my garbage bags, maybe that's something someone might want to keep for herself.
And for all the neighbours that are sharing the same frontyard with her.
We still didn't take on to the proverbial Spring Cleaning.
Beer first.
So, saving outside image poetry for cleaner days, there is something else worth talking about: "the cooking cure".
Quoting from The Kitchn, the cooking cure is "four weeks of assignments to help you get fresh inspiration and build some new habits with the goal of three home-cooked meals a day".

Even though I have a 45hours-per-week job I always cook my meals at home, and I'm still pretty satisfied with my food. For the moment I'm still far from being tempted by the work canteen.

I really don't need any cure.

Or, maybe I'm in just in phase 1. DENIAL.

Maybe frozen pizza and canned beans are signals that I shouldn't underestimate.


And I subscribed for the cure. I'm ready for phase 3. TURN YOUR BREAKFAST INTO AN AWSOME BREAKFAST.

After writing a list of your breakfast habits and setting new goals, the task of today was finding 5 new breakfast recipes.

Here are our 5 winners:
from What should I eat for breakfast today
from What should I eat for breakfast today

from What should I eat for breakfast today

I'm honestly super excited about this project.
Please subscribe and share your actual misery and plans of awesomeness with me.

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