Thursday, 30 October 2014

PRE-HALLOWEEN - A last minute all round impromptu party guide

People, it's almost Halloween!
In a very few hours, actually.
So I'm sorry to say that, if you didn't start planning or decorating yet, well, you're quite late.
However, if you really wanted to celebrate and get all spooked-up, but really didn't have the time  to plan disgusting dinners and splash blood in every corner (hallo, here I am) stay cheerful (well, moderatly, it's still Halloween), cause sometimes last minutes work.

Here are the essentials:
  • costume
  • decorations
  • food
  • movie

Then I think we can say, in all fairness, that a good Halloween party has been thrown together.

That's not really a costume, but might be quite impressive anyway while serving dinner.


The link is taking you directly to a web-site where you can purchase this runner but, let's be honest, it will never arrive on time. So, just splash your feet in some blood and make it yourself!

It's just unbelievable what people can do with food (intended in the best and the worst sense).
Here are three of my favourites, but the link will take you to 17 more.



          HERE's a list of 10 classics, but, honestly, it's just never-ending.


Spooky king

All the titles are directing to the link where I've found the pictures.
Have a look!
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