Thursday, 11 June 2015


Summer has arrived!
Here in Belgium, people are sitting on any possible surface to catch till the last second of sunshine and everybody's smiling. To you passing, to dogs passing, to planes passing, to anything really, just smiling. It must be the sun. Or drinking beers, in the sun. But hey, we've been waiting for it 345 days, so now we're gonna enjoy it!

We've had peaks of 29°(say whaaaaat?) so I give them a few days before they call it a "heat wave".
As an Italian I feel it's my duty to make fun of northern people and the whole drama of these 29° when, where I come from, you start saying "It's getting quite hot" when it goes over 38°.
On the other hand, they make fun of me and my furry ear-warmers the other above mentioned 345 days of winter, so I guess the joke is actually on me.

Anyway, the real news is we can finally eat salads!
We've been eating them all winter long, I know, but let's be honest, that was mainly out of lazyness (or desperation. See HERE for details.) And it's now, eating in the garden under the sun of 9pm (again, say whaaaaat? Only, for real this time) that we're really gonna enjoy the refreshing juicyness of fresh vegetables.

So, this evening we've had butterhead lettuce (honestly, how beautiful is it?), red paprika, cucumber, feta cheese and olive oil. Never missing: freshly ground black pepper. Extra plus point, all the vegetables had been grown in Belgium so, km0: check.

- chop
- ground
- eat

What's your salad today?

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